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We are experts in site setup contract furniture, providing comprehensive packages for some of the biggest names in construction on some of the country’s most prestigious projects.

We offer a range of high-quality furniture solutions for site accommodation, including many  sustainable products to suit your environmental and ethical policy targets.

Ideal furniture solutions for modular and temporary site accommodation


We will compile a desk, chair, pedestal & screen combination to suit your requirements. Using UK manufacturing, we can usually match corporate colour-schemes within the scope of the fabric components and some other materials. Our 100% recyclable ECO360 cardboard desk can also be printed with your brand and logo.

Thanks to a great relationship with a local manufacturer, our exclusive, British-made white contract desk is now a standard option.

Meeting & Boardroom

Our contract meeting room solutions can be provided in limitless combinations. Simple table and chair arrangements can be complemented by board-room accessories such as large display screens,  mains power, charging and networking modules.

Welfare: Locker Room, Utility & Canteen

Providing the facilities infrastructure to support thousands of construction workers, including well-designed wet/dry changing facilities, hard-wearing canteen benches and first-aid equipment, we have a wealth of expertise to draw on. We specialise in the supply and installation of wire mesh lockers and numbered basket systems, in a variety of configurations.

Accessories: The turnkey solution

We can supply and install everything you need to begin using your work space as soon as it is handed over.

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